Thursday, 1 July 2010


You know what... I've had so much fun putting on bands over the last few months I was sad to quit.

So instead we just confirmed some more gigs. And you thought we were dead and buried. Surprise!

Only difference is now when you see flux=rad that's just me, Jen. When you see SWN and flux=rad, that's me and John.

Everything else is the same. Great bands put on as cheaply as possible with the same friendly atmosphere at shows and the occasional free compilation/gig/house party.

All we can do to equate the awesome over to you, we will. That might not make sense, but it sounds good, which is pretty much the motto here anyway.

Check out the blog for news and stuff and hopefully see you soon.

We've got some great shows coming up for you so please get involved, invite your friends and above all, enjoy yourself.



flux=rad presents Savoir Adore + Cat Mouse Cat / tues july 20th / buffalo / £3

SWN and flux=rad presents FFAF aftershow party with FFAF DJ set / thurs 22nd july / barfly / free with gig ticket or £2

SWN and flux=rad presents Big Weekend aftershow party with The Blackout DJ set / fri july 30th / barfly

SWN and flux=rad presents Harlem + Oui Messy / tues 24th august / buffalo

flux=rad presents Shoes And Socks Off + Hold Your Horse Is / tues september 21st / buffalo / £3

SWN and flux=rad presents Comanechi + Divorce / tues 28th september / buffalo / £5

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  1. shoes and socks off + hold your horse is = awesome.